Veterans Work

Our Story

Core Values Consulting began as a vehicle to provide services for Veterans professionals. Over time we found that we had a great opportunity to help those providing services for Veterans in other areas. Especially marketing, SEO, branding, and website development.

While we now work with all types of businesses, you can see be even taking a look at our Facebook page, that we remain very deeply connected to Veterans issues in general.

If you’re looking into hiring Core Values Consulting for a Website, SEO, or similar purpose, please know we will dedicate ourselves to your success as we have all our clients. You don’t need to be a Veteran or Veteran owned business to work with us!

And if you’re looking into Core Values Consulting for Veterans related questions, and see that we are a Website, SEO, and Marketing firm, it’s ok, you’re in the right place. Just take a look at our work below. And if you’re in the market for a website, feel free to look at our other core products.

Our Professional Development Workshops

Veterans 101

Veterans Culture, Trauma, & Support Class for Veterans service providers

CIT for Veterans

A Community Engagement Piece for the Memphis Model Crisis Intervention Training


Understanding Military Sexual Trauma and Supporting Veterans Workshop