SEO should be viewed as a service and not a product

SEO as a Service vs as a Product

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I get asked, often after having been referred to a new client, how much does SEO cost.  This is a tough question to answer.  As our services are not “off the shelf,” they are often packaged specific to the needs and goals of the client.  One of the things I’ve learned in doing this though is to be up front and clear that SEO is better discussed as a service than it is as a product.  

Service vs Product

It’s probably good if I explain a bit more what I see as the difference between those two terms, service & product.  A product is something you buy, it’s tangible and finite.  I bought a URL, domain, email address, storage solution, server space, book, etc.  Someone produced it for you, now you own it; either through direct sale agreement with the maker or through purchasing it from a secondary party (you bought it through a vendor or store).

A service however, may contain products, but is more of a long term approach.  In regards to SEO, Core Values Consulting typically provides monthly reports and analysis, audits, blogs, content, and copy as products within the overall SEO service we provide.

And the point is..

The purpose of discussing this goes back the initial question most often asked by our busy and cost conscious (potential) clients…

“How much to buy SEO?”  

This is also the reason we steer the conversation and any agreements towards that of a service than a product.  You can’t own SEO.  You can’t buy it off a shelf.  SEO is the result of consistent effort to structurally and contextually optimize your website for search traffic.  You can however, own the products of those efforts.  The products being analysis, site copy and content, and maybe the most valuable of all.. the subject matter authority and opportunity that comes from a high ranking page on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.


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