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SEO Scope & Cost

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One of the challenges facing business decision makers and owners in determining how to approach Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is understanding what goes into SEO and assigning a value.  How much does SEO cost?  How does one firms scope and cost compare to another?  What is the value in SEO?

First, a baseline, here’s the absolute minimum scope and cost for reputable SEO.  You don’t have to take our word for it, you can search Google, email SEO firms, and find out for yourself.  We feel, however, that showing you upfront what the likely costs would be for you to shop around for SEO will benefit you in framing your contracting discussions and website goals around SEO.  




High quality original content is an absolute must for good web presence.   This isn’t something that’s whipped up overnight.  The copy writer needs to understand the value of SEO in generating keywords, meta descriptions, adding images, and styling the content of the blog.  *High Quality Content IS King in SEO*  (estimated cost $400 / month for 3-4 good blog articles)

Link Building & Site Evangelism

Even if you build a great website and put outstanding original content on it, you are missing out by not creating inbound links.  One of the best things that you can do to improve your search rankings is to get other articles to link to your original content.  Local news stories quoting you, subject matter experts citing your blog/website, etc.  These are examples of link building that can’t easily be gamed.  You need to build high quality relationships, publish press releases, guest write on other blogs, write editorials, and more if you want search engines to put your website on page-1.  (estimated cost $400 / month + depending on scope and scale)

Web Traffic Analytics Report

Analytics is great, but making analytics into actionable items is better.  This is the key to finding out what works in driving people to your website.  Which webpages are your key drivers, which buttons are converting traffic, where do people leave your website?  Simply put, a deliberate and consistent analysis is important if you wish to maximize and then maintain your web presence.  This is an absolute must for any SEO.  SEO is a moving target, you need to measure, test, measure, revise, and measure again if you truly believe in improving you search engine ranking?  (estimated cost $400 / month)

Analysis measures results

Sample Daily Visitors: March is when blogging began – August is when SEO began.  Can you spot what moves the trends?

SEO Analysis & Audit

Whereas consistent analysis of your web traffic enables you to maximize what happens when people come to your website, and to understand how they got there in the first place, an SEO analysis and audit is designed to maximize the likelihood that someone will find your website in the first place.  There are many factors that go into where your website appears on major search engines.  From content, to site structure, if you want the best possible web presence, this is something you need to pay attention to.   (estimated cost $500~$1000 (one time) + depending on scope and scale)

Total estimated cost for minimum SEO


* larger websites may require additional work

Remember the costs above are industry average, they often go much higher!

Perhaps the biggest value in working with a firm like Core Values Consulting to maximize your SEO is that we can package our services in unique ways.  

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